Monday, February 12, 2007

Old Tokyo maps online

Yahoo! Japan is featuring old Tokyo maps online (Japanese):

You can switch between maps of Tokyo from the Edo era (about 180 years ago), the Meiji era (about 120 years ago), the present, and satellite photos.

If you can read Japanese, it is amazing to discover what many famous places today were in the past. And you can understand that many mansions of daimyos (feudal lords) which were located in the center of Edo city were abolished at the end of the Samurai age and their lands were redeveloped into fundamental public facilities for a modern capital city such as government office buildings, military bases, universities, hospitals, business districts, parks and so on. It is one of the reasons why Japan could reform itself to a modern nation so quickly.

If you would like to know why there were so many daimyos' mansions in Edo city, see this wiki article.

FYI, the lot for the Tokyo campus of the University of Tsukuba, the former Tokyo Higher Normal School, was a mansion belonging to MATSUDAIRA Yorinobu who was president of a government bureaucrat training institution, and a descendant of TOKUGAWA Mitsukuni's younger brother. Tokugawa is also known as Mito Komon.

Enjoy some time travel!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gardening Plots for Sale

Tsukuba Family Farm Opening Soon!

15 minute walk from Kenkyuu Gakuen Station.
A garden right in front of the station.
Do you want to start a family garden?

Would you like to have some space for a private vegetable garden?
You can get 5 tsubo (about 16.5m3) for 5000 yen per year or 10 tsubo (about 33m3) for 9600 yen per year.
And the quality of the land is guaranteed!

You might want to consider this offer if you answer "YES" to any of the following.
* Do you have an interest in organic vegetables?
* Do you find it hard to get enough exercise in your daily life?
* Do you want to work on something together with your family?
* Do you want your children to experience gardening?
* Do you want something to do after you retire?

What can you grow?
* Spring (March to May): cabbage, onions, squash, lettuce, spinach, etc.
* Summer (June to August): tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, edamame, potatoes, etc.
* Autumn (September to November): spinach, daikon, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.
* Winter (December to February): broccoli, white cabbage, cauliflower, shungiku, etc.

You can grow over 30 kinds of vegetables during the year.

You will probably make lots of mistakes at first, but soon you will become a professional! An experienced gardener is available to give you advice on the weekends.

Make your own garden at your own pace.

Enjoy the scenery, with Mt. Tsukuba in the background, Kenkyuu Gakuen Station in front, and the blue sky and clean air all around.

66 plots available.
Shimo Hiratsuka
In front of Kenkyuu Gakuen Station
15 minutes walk from Kenkyuu Gakuen Station
4 minute walk from Torisen Supermarket
In front of the new shopping center
Tsukuba Family Gardens in Yoshihara

Taniguchi Kikaku
029-846-5080 or 090-3046-2854
taniguchi [AT] y7.dion.ne.jp