Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Girl's Festival in Makabe

One of my friends forwarded this information to me to add to RrFish's information about local Doll's Festival events.

Do you know Makabe's Hina Matsuri (Girl's Festival)? Makabe is a small town located 45 minutes by car to the north of Tsukuba. The town has good atmosphere of old Japan of Meiji & Taisho era.

Once a year, from the begining of February to the begining of March, they have Hina Matsuri Festival in the town. There are no stage shows and no extravagance, but most houses and shops in downtown Makabe show their traditional Hina dolls at the entrance of their houses and shops. You can also enjoy some Japanese sweets at some traditional sweet shops. It must be a nice opportunity to get familiar with Japanese tradition.

If you don't have a car, tour buses are available from Tsukuba center bus terminal
8 times/day.

A recommend day to visit is the "wearing kimono day". The date for this year is February 18, 2007 (Sunday). Many residents and visitors wear kimonos on this day. You can enjoy a tiny time travel experience on the day :-).



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