Saturday, December 09, 2006

Overnight Bus to Kyoto and Osaka

If you are looking for a cheaper way to get to Kyoto or Osaka, you might want to consider taking the overnight bus. The bus starts at Mito at 9:10pm, stops over in Tsuchiura at 10:24pm, and in Tsukuba at 10:53pm on its way to Kyoto (6:40am) and Osaka (8:15am) the following day.

The return bus leaves Osaka at 9:30pm, stops over in Kyoto at 11:03pm before arriving at Tsukuba (6:41am), Tsuchiura (6:59am), and Mito (8:15am) on the following day.

A one-way ticket from Tsukuba to Kyoto is 8900 yen and a return ticket is 16,020 yen. A one-way ticket from Tsukuba to Osaka is 9700 yen and a return ticket is 17,460 yen. Children under 6 can ride for free if they will not take up a seat. If they do take up a seat, they have to pay the children's fare (approximately half of the adult fare).

By comparison, a one-way ticket from Tsukuba to Kyoto (using Tsukuba Express, Yamanote Line, and the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station) is 14,670 yen. (However, that trip will only take 3 hours and 40 minutes.)

You must reserve a seat, and you can do that by calling the reservation office (029-852-5666), buying a ticket at a convenience store (Lawson's, Family Mart, Sankus), or using the online reservation system (http://www.j-bus.co.jp/new_module/index.html).

Of course, when you travel by bus, you have to be aware that the schedules are not set in stone, but are subject to change according to traffic conditions.



More information:
Kanto Tetsudo (Mito): 029-247-5111 
Kanto Tetsudo (Tsukuba): 029-852-5666



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